In Van der Linden we believe that the people in your organization have the talent and experience to resolve most challenges, whether they are strategic of nature or more operational.

So why doesn’t this always happen then?

Although everybody always espouses wanting to learn and collaborate this is very hard in practice. All kinds of social virtues and biases prevent groups from having authentic and open productive conversations. As a consequence the full potential of knowledge, perspectives and experience to resolve the challenges ahead is not utilized.

Our way of working

This is why you do not need an army of consultants who tell you what to do and how to do it. You need support in surfacing the information needed to make informed decisions on how to go forward. This requires specialists in the combination of dialogue and strategy that understand your business. You are the specialists in your business, especially when it concerns technical feasibility of solutions. Our work is to create the conversations needed between your own people to produce the answers to the questions posed previously in this document. Not only will this provide us with the answers to the questions, it will allow your team to learn and grow. The solutions that result from this process will also have acceptance in the group that has to implement the solutions.

In practice this also means that the people we work with in your organization do the works: they dig into numbers, assumptions, designs, calculations etcetera. We challenge them, help them to prepare presentations, and facilitate the process to feed back what is learned to the whole group.


En Van der Linden hemos elegido trabajar con metodologías científicas y realizar investigación propia para estar seguros de obtener los resultados esperados.

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Methods & Techniques

Para la realización de proyectos, programas de desarrollo o capacitación, complementamos las metodologías científicas con métodos y técnicas de nivel internacional, a través de los cuales construimos una experiencia única para cada cliente.

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En México tenemos 10 años trabajando con un selecto grupo de clientes internacionales. Los proyectos que hemos realizado generalmente  iniciaron con el top management, sin embargo, también contamos con clientes que han trabajado con nosotros en el desarrollo de su personal a través de la capacitación. Nuestros consultores y facilitadores son un grupo diverso bilingüe de Alemania, Bélgica, México y los Países Bajos con experiencia en proyectos internacionales.